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1 Nov. 2000 
For Immediate Release 
Aldo Ghigliano, President,, V.le Riviera 82/9, 17027 Pietra Ligure (SV) 
Italy. Fax: +39-02-700439311 
The first "sharewarists only" site is a new site developed for sharewarists, i.e. shareware developers. 
What's a sharewarist? Well, everybody knows what a shareware program is: It is software that you can download and try for free; if you like it, then you can usually buy it for an attractive price. Someone must write these programs, and yes, those software writers are the "sharewarists". 
Why a site for sharewarists? It's simple: shareware works, definitely. While some years ago the shareware channel was reserved for small business owners, now big companies (such Corel, Macromedia,...) and big names (like Stephen King) also offer free evaluation versions of their products, and little shareware companies like JASC (Paint Shop PRO) now are huge and well known. So it is clear that the try-before-you-buy model actually works. 
This site differs from the others because... probably just because there are still not other free Web sites completely dedicated to shareware developers. There are no useless decorations and no great animations, but simply a collection of useful tips and resources. Particularly noteworthy, for example, is Dr. Upload, a "human" expert who will try to answer all your question about the shareware business, in plain words. 
As in the book market, it is likely that in the near future there will be more shareware authors than shareware buyers, so shareware is certainly not a quick get-rich scheme. But if programming is your passion, and you are serious and ready to work a lot, then this is a valuable Internet resource, and browsing "Upload it" is a simple way to not reinvent the wheel. 
The site can be reached at, and is completely supported by banner advertisements, in other words, completely free for the site's visitors. 
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