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This is a list of Internet sites of some of the most widespread computer magazines, plus online magazines, ezines and newsletters: 
.net magazine (UK) -  
1984 online* - Mac ezine 
3000 NewsWire** - newsletter, directory for HP3000 
3D Artist Magazine - for artists 
3D Live (Germany) - visual computing & video 
3D magazine - 3D industry 
Access-VB-SQL Advisor - e-business & tech 
Access Internet Magazine - America guide to the Internet 
Accounting Technology -  
ACTion News** - smart card 
Acrobatics (UK) - magazine for Acrobat users ?? 
Adobe Magazine - magazine for Adobe users 
Advanced Packaging Magazine - microelectronics, packaging 
AI Magazine - artificial intelligence (quarterly) 
America's Network - telecom 
Andover.Net - Publisher 
Apache Week** - apache Web Server 
APCMag (Australia) - technology 
AppleInsider* - news 
Application Development Trends - for corporate software managers 
Asia IT Report Online - for strategic decision maker 
AS/400 Systems Management -  
ATM Report - ATM and IP convergence 
Australian IT* (Australia) - news 
AutoCAD Magazin (Germany) - = 
Frontline Solutions (Automatic I.D. News) - information management 
Banking Technology - financial systems 
BE Magazine - C* 
BeNews - BeOS 
Beyond Computing - computing 
Biometrics - = 
Biometrika (UK) - biometrics 
Boardwatch Magazine - guide to Internet access 
Broadband Week - cable technology, telecom 
Broadcast Hardware International - broadcast audio/video production 
Business 2.0* - new economy news 
Business Communications Review - for the enterprise network manager 
Business Intelligence Advisor* - tech & strategies for business intelligence 
The BusinessTech - Internet business 
Byte Magazine - computers and IT 
C++ Report - = 
C't (Germany) - for computer technician 
CA-Unicenter Advisor Magazine - magazine for Unicenter TNG 
Cable World - cable video voice and data 
Cabling Installation Maintenance - premises and campuswide communication 
CAD Systems* - 2D/3D CAD innovators 
CAD World (Germany) - = 
CADCAM Magazine (UK) - integrated design and production 
Cadence - CAD 
CADInfo* - CAD 
Call Center Magazine - customer care 
C@LL CENTER Solutions - customer relationship management 
Canada Computers (Canada) - Publisher (The Computer Paper) 
CATIA Solutions Magazine - magazine for CATIA users 
CD-ROM Now idg -  
CD-ROM Today -  
CED Magazine - broadband communication 
ChannelWeb - for the solution provider, b2b tools and services 
Chip (Germany) - computers 
Chip (Italy) - computers 
CHIPS - Navy's information technology magazine 
CIO Magazine - for information executives 
CIO WebBusiness - strategy for competing online 
CIO (Australia) - = 
Cipher - Newsletter from IEEE: security 
Circuit Cellar 2 - computer applications; embedded control 
Cisco World* - magazine of Cisco - ? 
Client/Server Computing -  
CMPnet - Publisher 
Cold Fusion Advisor* - magazine for Cold Fusion users 
Communications International - for network operators 
Communications Week -  
CompactPCI Systems Magazine - for users of Ruggedized systems 
Competia* - competitive intelligence, strategic planning 
CompInfo News* - IT news 
Computable (Netherlands) - professional and personal computing 
Computer Arts magazine - creative resources 
Computer Bits* - computer information 
Computer Buyer - computers 
Computer Digest -  
Computer Graphics World - innovation in visual computing 
Computer Life -  
Computer Inter@ctive (Italy) - computers & Internet 
Computer Networks - computer and telecommunications networking 
Computer News Daily (The Times) - news 
Computer Panorama (Hungary) -  
Computer Reseller News -  
Computer Retail Week -  
Computer Shopper** - computers 
Computer Shopper (UK) - ? 
Computer Standards Interfaces - standards for computers, data communications and interfaces 
Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) - collaborative computing 
Computer Sweden (Sweden) - computers, IT 
Computer Telephony Magazine - products and services for communication 
Computer Times* (Singapore) - computers 
Computer Tip (Germany) - computer games 
Computer Trade Show World -  
Computer Weekly? (UK) - computers 
Computer Facile (Italy) - computers 
ComputerBild (Germany) - computers 
Computerist Magazine* - news, reviews 
Computers in Libraries -  
Computers Today (India) - computers 
ComputerWire* - news 
ComputerWoche (Germany) - IT 
ComputerWorld (Australia) - = 
Computex OnLine Taiwan Tech News* (Taiwan)- computers 
Computing Canada (Canada) - = 
Japan Inc (Computing Japan Magazine) (Japan) - business, tech, people 
Computing SA Home (Zambia) - = 
The connection (Computing)* (UK) - computer users 
CompuTrade (Taiwan) - computers 
Connected* - hardware & software 
Content Magazine - global digital media 
Contingency Planning Management - business continuity 
Converge! Network Digest** - network tech 
The COOK Report On Internet** - Internet infrastructure development 
Corel Magazine - for Corel users 
Corporate Internet Strategies** - e-commerce, encryption, security, Internet 
Customer Services Newsletter - customer service, call center 
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** newsletter 
C* canceled 
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