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Registration services can handle the payments for your software. They can get payments with credit cards, check, and sometimes also purchase orders. You receive the money once a month, by check or wire transfer. 
The ordering process is usually on-line, and some also accept phone and fax orders. On-line ordering forms are sometimes customizable. Some services support ESD (electronic software delivery, i.e. they can generate for your customer a private http:// address where they can download the registered version of your software). Many services can support your personal key generator to automatically supply a personal key to your customers. 
Usually the service will send you an email when an order is taken. Any service that deals with credit cards is usually able to avoid taking invalid cards and are able to detect fraud with a high success rate. 
The processing time for orders varies from real-time to several hours. 
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Other payment opportunities, and e-commerce suppliers (for accepting credit cards directly):  
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