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In this page we list software useful for sharewarists. "D" is the download link (where available): 
- A-ware - PC Experts soft - D - Key generation and customer tracking 
- Addsoft / AddWeb - Cyberspace HQ Software - D - Submit to shareware sites 
- CipherPack - VIO Systems Limited - D - Anti-piracy and enciphering software 
- EasyUpdate - - D - Enable you to offer Internet-based automatic updates of your software; 
- CD Front End 1 - Visual Vision - D - Easy way for distributing your software on CD 
- CD Front End 2 - Visual Vision - D - Distributing things on CD, with HTML like presentation; 
- Dynamic Submission 2000 - - D - Submit your site to search engines; 
- Friday - RDP - D - Automatic FAQ Maker, generate HTML pages.  
- Helllp! - Guy Software - D - WinHelp author tool for MS Word 97 and Word 2000; 
- LeeLou - Qarbon - D - Create demos for your software; 
- Mail Agent - Alaris Informationsmanagement - D - Mail manager for MSOutlook; 
- Market your shareware - Gypsy King Software - D - Helps you to market your Mac shareware 
- Paper Killer - Visual Vision - D - Standalone visual tool for creating WinHelp, Html Help and manuals; 
- ParseRat - Guy Software - D - Extract names, addresses, etc. from a text file; 
- TrackDesk - Baltic Solutions - D - Customer tracking system 
- SiteTrak - Lincoln Beach - D - Submit shareware to online shareware libraries; 
- SoftSeeker - DesignMaker - D - Submit your site to FFA sites 
- Software Administration kit - LobsterSoft - D - For automating the routine task in shareware business 
- SubmitApp - YZsoftware - D -  Promote your software easily and submit it to hundreds of shareware websites 
- SVA - Softilium Development Group - D - PAD enabled tool for software distribution 
- Swiss Army App - Aesop Marketing - D - Submit your site to FFA sites 
- VCV VikManís Submass - Vicman - D - Submit to shareware sites 
- Web Position Gold - First Place Ranking - D - For getting your Web site at the top of the search engines; 
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If you want to add your software, click here. Please insert: product name, product URL, company name, company URL, download URL, 45 chars description. It *must* be of any use specific for sharewarists, please, weíre not a download site! 
NOTE: I read all emails, please donít stress me about the state of your submission - Dr. Upload. 
D = download link. 
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