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Why re-invent the wheel? There are many people doing shareware like you: 
- Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) - The ASP groups about 700 shareware developers everywhere in the world. There is a wealth of information in the members only area, and in the private newsgroup. 
- Educational Software Cooperative (ESC) - The ESC groups educational software authors from all the world 
- Shareware Developers - A lot of resources there 
- Shareware Industry Conference (SIIA-SIC) - Shareware Industry Awards 
- Euro Share - The Euro-Share is a mailing list that shareware professionals around the world use to communicate with each other about marketing and programming issues. 
- SWRUS - Mailing list for Russian shareware authors 
- alt.comp.shareware.authors - The alt.* group for shareware developers 
- asp.ask_the_asp - Ask questions to the ASP 
- edu.educational_software_coop - newsgroup for educational authors 
- - moderated group, shareware announces 
- - moderated group, shareware authors 
- - moderated group, shareware users 
- sic.public - SIC public 
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